Reviews for "Did You Hear That?"


Arghhh could you not have picked better sounds? Most of it was high pitched and sharp. Other than that, the artwork was fairly decent and it was pretty creative.

Noodle responds:

I didn't get to pick the sounds. Haha.
I didn't want to turn down people's sound choices either, because it is possible that each was choosen for a special purpose

Very clever!

I've never seen a collab like this, it was very very clever! Nice work from everyone!

Noodle responds:

My wit is comparable to that of a young Philip Seymour Hoffman

very well is this thing

it was very organized everything, who people never know face to face ahaha and was lollololo

Noodle responds:

I am like a filing cabinet

Interesting :D

Lol i read what you had written after i watched the movie which explained why i was so confused with what was going on.. Lol i get it tho so the people attacking whatever was making th annoying sound was them right?

Noodle responds:

I'm still not sure if you exactly got it.
Each story and plot was whatever the artist wanted it to be based on those sounds. The sounds were still kind of background to the animation, and didn't really drive the movie as a plot device.
If that makes sense?


i have no idea wth is going on, and its the same sounds all the way through, starts to drive me crazy by the third time it goes around.

Noodle responds:

I'm guessing you only watched 3 parts.
Please, don't review if you can't even make an effort to watch the movie