Reviews for "Did You Hear That?"

Inspired Works

What a stellar collection of work.

This truly is a remarkable piece, where you all have exactly the same sound sample to use for your own imagination to run riot. I note that pretty much everyone had the occurrence of the rubber duck for the squeaks. Did you talk to one another about what you were thinking, or did you just get the sound and go your own separate ways to come up with what you could?

While these may not be the best animated pieces that we will ever see, this is most certainly a great way to get a foot in the door, by showing how you can interpret direction and have good fun while making a flash like this.

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Noodle responds:

My intentions for organizing this through PM, were a) so people didn't constantly ask for parts, and b) was so that there was no contact with each other, and any similarities in parts came abut coincidentally. That is some of the magic of this particular collab :D

in my opinion

The concept is great, the challenge is one that is used amongst animators in Universities, and for those who wish to challenge themselves.
But I have one thing to say about it, I got a little bored halfway through. I think that some of them didn't make sense, and so to me, that kinda disconnected me from the animation, I began to know the order of the sound effects, and that damn "blehbleh" one began to irritate me like a kid in a LAN parlor with a song on repeat. A great effort, and I realize that there is only so much you can do with that little material, I just think perhaps if you let the animators composite the sounds in an order that best suits their story it would have been better.
Either that, or I'm just tired and grumpy. Take your pick.

Noodle responds:

I pick, get some rest!
Just kidding, I appreciate your opinion. I was going to let them use any order, but I figured making an exact order for all of them would allow the viewers to learn the order, and possibly predict upcoming events in each part.

The Best Collab Ever?

Quite possibly.

Anyone who yearns to see originality and watches this must, at the very least, recognize that it is something new and different.

The idea and execution were great, and the disparate entries joined to form an entertaining whole piece.

I liked the choices made for the random sounds. I have to admit that at first the "sticking out your tongue" kind of taunting sound was annoying, but by the end it had grown on me.

Noodle responds:

Best over!?!

Glad you enjoy all aspects of this. Animation and originality


Wow! This is very unique. Nice and clever way of creating this ha. Funny and smart in many ways. Good job. :P

Noodle responds:

Thank you kind gent


truly just wow. this concept is just so original, and so brilliant i mean... wow. it was just such a perfect combination of originality, humor, and randomness. brava and encore please. ...... Please?

Noodle responds:

I love hearing comments like this!
I'm glad you enjoyed the concept as well as the animation.
Makes me put more consideration into a sequel :)