Reviews for "Did You Hear That?"


I enjoy collabs to begin with, but this was a truly inventive plan to organize and create a theme. I really enjoyed watching so many artists each create their own work, yet there was some consistency for certain sounds. The duck, for example, ends up being a running joke through the whole collab without having been planned. Also, I enjoy anyone using the Doom door sound effect simply because I have fond memories of the game. I would really love to see another sound effects collab, or whatever else you might have rolling around upstairs. Thank you for a fine submission!

Noodle responds:

This is a great review. Thank you so much!
I too loved how the duck kind of stuck throughout. Duck and eagle. It was one of the other all the time :)

this collab was awsome

TommyVF your part was very cool and MyKindOfFlash's part was pretty cool too.And the sound were awsome.

Noodle responds:

Thank you.
I think all parts were awesome :)

What a surprise! So creative!

Wow, this is such a great idea! And it's very fun to suddenly see who I've been working with all the time and what the other people made for the collab with the same sounds as mine. I hope there will be a sequel, because this was great fun and the result is very unique!

The menu was sexy, nice flowing effects all the time. Very smooth style and it looked very professional all over. Great result and it's fun working with you guys (without knowing it)!

Noodle responds:

Your the first to show my menu some love. That was a lot of work making it looks pleasing :)
Glad to have you on board!


I loved that idea!!! i had no idea what that was about and half way i realized the sounds were being replayed over and over in the same order... then it hit me everything was done as a collab -_-.... that was brilliant keep these great ideas coming

Noodle responds:

Haha. You must have skipped over the author comments :P
Glad you enjoyed it in the end though!


I'm glad top be a part of this, and it turned out swell. I liked the parts, the styles were so different and cool. It was fun, because I didn't know who was in the collab, or how they did it until now!

I love the concept, and I love the result. Great!

Noodle responds:

Great working with you.
I'm such a tease :3