Reviews for "Did You Hear That?"

Did You Hear That?

one of the funniest things ive seen on newgrounds :D

Noodle responds:

Aw, thanks!


I was worried someone else would have done a bank robbery but nope - they were all different!

TheBoogley's scene had fantastic animation I must say. However, I feel everyone did brilliantly and the variation of style was a tasty treat for the eyeballs. I was pleasantly surprises by everybody's interpretations.

Good work, guys! And of course, good work Goat-man for making this an easy, enjoyable experience.

Noodle responds:

I was surprised by how much sense your part made.
When you handed in your part I couldn't believe how well it worked. You are very creative :)

Can't wait to see you start submiting flashes again!


that was freakin funny man nice job

Noodle responds:

Thanks :)
The feedback on this has gotten much more positive since yesterday

Nuce idea...

doing a flash based on the same sound pattern, now that is originality :) This one defenetly needed a medal system !

Noodle responds:

I'm not sure exactly how to add more medals than just "Watch all parts"
Thanks for the love though

Great to see! 8D

So many parts, I loved watching all the other interpretations... You've done well Goaty, I take my hat off to you, and pull a marmalade sandwich out of it.

Noodle responds:

I eat your sandwich!