Reviews for "Did You Hear That?"

I liked it..

Using the same sound thing was pretty cool.

Noodle responds:

Explain it to the guy below you.
Just kidding, he seems to get it too ;)

good but...

it was done too many times with the same sound

i understand that the same sound was the gimmick, but it got pretty damn annoying after a while

not to mention, only a few of them were good, sorry to say, but just leave in the talent next time

Noodle responds:

I'd say all artists had their own special talents to bring to the table. It comes out with a variety that way. Plus I just enjoy some of these guys styles, and wanted to work with them for awhile

Not bad

It was pretty inventive i will give you that, but seriously try laying off the acid.

Noodle responds:

Dope is nope

i loved it

you took a great idea and had alot of fun with it. i think my favorite would have to be the bank one. it was very enjoyable to watch good job to all contributing artists

Noodle responds:

Fun was a key factor. I told people to make their parts to their hearts desire. And they just made whatever they wanted. I think my lack of control over their parts really helped

I love the idea.

I once did this in my animation class.

It's always a great concept.

You got a good batch of artists to do it, too!

Congrats! It was good! Lots of creative freedom and good animation.

Ill keep an eye out to join the next one!


Noodle responds:

You did it in animation class? Cool! I never did anything like this in my school :(

But honestly it is a great experiance, and I can see why some would use it as a teaching method