Reviews for "Did You Hear That?"

Shame it got so many 0s

This was a great piece. I love the whole concept of it. :D granted, the aliens were a little overused, but otherwise great

Noodle responds:

I think all the space like noises resultedi aliens.
But I'm okay with that. Each part was still VERY different :)

you're a liar!

The Marcy brothers and simon must've had contact you little liar! But yea, I love collabs like this, because they are original, which is hard to find on newgrounds these days.

Noodle responds:

I did lie. But only for them. Haha.
They just had to give me their word they didn't share ideas. I find them mildly trustworthy ;)


It's a REAL shame you submitted it wrong. You should have deleted it and re-upped it. This is a very well done collab, some parts are better than others of course, but they're all pretty good.

I like how everyone instinctively connects futuristic sounds with aliens.

Very well done collab.

Noodle responds:

I would have reuploaded it, but by that point it had an award and over 400 votes.
I didn't even catch it until like 4 days later of however long it was, so that was a shame.

The aliens were the standard fall back for like the beeps and such. Haha. I thought it was neat that peoples parts could have such similar elements, yet be so different.

Thanks my man.
Did you noticed you still got your little credit in there ;)

Did You Review That?

Cool collab. The idea is great, and I like that you could switch between the different movies at will. Great graphics and sound quality. Overall, an awesome collab.

~ Z

Noodle responds:

I sir did not review it. You did
Thanks for that


hmmmm i didn't like the animation or the constint annoying noise over and over again...
but i have to say that they way you put together was very creative and funny so umm ya i thought that was pretty cool = D

Noodle responds:

Glad you focused on what you saw as the positives more than the negatives :)