Reviews for "Did You Hear That?"

Nice nice

The bank robber one was my favorite by far! The others were really great too! I'm going to give it a 4/5 though, it could have used just a little more creativity in some parts. The aliens were overdone in my opinion. I really did like it overall though.

Noodle responds:

MKoF blew my mind with his part. I couldn't believe he got such a coherent storyline from that.
An inspiration for sure


Eagles. attracted to ducks. in some cases, teddy bears.

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I have to say, real cool and original idea. I enjoy the final project, its very interesting and well done.

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That's me by the way

I think...

... more of these should be done. The concept of different people getting different stories from one audio track and sharing them is something worth doing in flash collabs and more should be done. Maby a future NG collab challenge perhaps?

9/10 Can't wait to see the evolution of style with these flash artists. :)

Noodle responds:

Its definately a great line-up of artists. I'm so happy with all of them!

Perhaps one day I will venture into a sequel.
I think maybe I'll call a few back, and hold some sort of open casting call for any spots I can't fill

Funny, but mostly interesting.

This is a very unique kind of collab. it has some 'experiment' feel on it.
I liked the way the authors did their interpretation of the same clip, and how some ideas repeated (rubber duck, laser-sword,the falcon...), while some didn't (like many of the hilarious interpretations of that 'LALAAAA' noise).
(insert 'thumbs up' here)

Noodle responds:

I made sure to bring on a few artists who work in experimental animation. It helped switch things up :)

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