Reviews for "The Paper Prince"


This was an interesting toon in almost all regards. But I couldn't follow it towards the end. But maybe thats just me. All in all, good job.

its good but...

I liked it dont get me wrong but it didn't seem like there was anypoint to it?? am i wrong, is it do what makes u happy? idk just personal pet peeve that something that goes into a contest means something other than just pointless babble

Not bad...

I really liked this movie, but as everyone said, the dream sequence was too short. And the movie finished too early, i would have liked to know a bit more... How about a sequel?

Totally Awesome

With the dream bit, I thought it was a represenatation of rock, paper, scissors with him being paper obviously. I enjoyed the douche bag at the start who opened his door and then the same douche who had "stolen" the paper prince's crush. The facial expressions were just perfect and set at the right moment, the movie itself moved along quite nicely, and the whole thing about quiting work was absolutely awesome. Keep it up and I'm sure you'll get in the top three if not first or second.

wow that was excellent

I thought the story and animation was really good and original. It was kinda sad. The dream bit was a little hard to follow but it was a good sequence, maybe you could clean it up a bit, so that it runs smoother and not so choppy. I also thought the end was kinda abrupt, but I guess we were just supposed to assume he quit his job for good, no questions asked.
great work. i can tell a lot of thought and planning went into this!