Reviews for "The Paper Prince"


animated well, didnt really like the sketchiness in the middle of the vid..other than that i was just looking towards something a little more in the end.

An interesting and very true story

Plenty of people face this every day I'm sure. It's well done. I suppose some of the things the others have said might be true, such as the animation sketchyness. Personally, I find the lack of music somewhat charming as it doesn't distract from the action on screen. But that's just me.

Nice Film, Needs Cleaner Animation

You obviously can animate, tell stories, and put them into film; so now get rid of the animation issues: like the walking and the intro cycling. It seems unnecessarily sketchy. Some motion study might help you there.

And the ending could have a littler more fantasy..

Still, Excellent Work!

Here's a suggestion.

Excellent story and characterization, all that I can suggest is that you clean up the animation, and maybe add some music behind it since there isn't any real voice acting going on. That will make it feel more full and dynamic.

:) I like it.

The concept is great. I love it. However, the animation could use some cleaning up, especially the dream-fight scene. I even had trouble making out the different soldiers at first. Once you get that squared away, it'll be 10/10 for me. Good job and good luck.