Reviews for "The Paper Prince"

Pretty cool

Idk i think hes dream shoulda been longer and a lil clearer was kinda hard to under stand wht was going on.

I lika this LOL

Origami Master


wow that was brill! i dont know how i can suggest to improve it... it fits together so well. i dont think music could add to it or any extra scenes could benefit it either, i think youve hit the nail on the head with this one! good job! :D


Very awesome! Very accurate with people's thought processes and the motivation to leave. :-)

Good one!

I like the dream bit, they were more like wire-frame than stick figures, but it still worked with the abstracts of what a dream tends to be.

I also liked how he finally realizes that his crush is actually interested in someone else, and that was the last straw! lol

Good stuff!