Reviews for "The Paper Prince"

Moral of the story - Follow your dreams.

You could do some cleanup in the drawings, you could add some shading. That's all my tips.



Follow the dreams!

Is a fantastic video with a profound insegnament.
Good job.

P.S.: perdone my english, im italian

It's a 10, but you wanted the little details...

First of all-WOW-GJ.

Little details-
1. Add more time for the graduation picture at the end.
2. In the beginning scenes, make your lines a tad thicker so it doesn't look like chicken scratch.
3. Personally, I don't think it needs music, it's perfect where it is. The silence and Sound FX of your characters keeps me/audience glued to the screen.
4. The dream-A little confusing, but all dreams are. Cool drawings, that's a plus.
5. I suggest you zoom in on the oragami's that he has in the suitcase-this is a tiny detail.
6. After those tips I gave above, don't do anymore to it, or you'll worry yourself in your sleep.

A lot of mystery stirred within me when I tried to figure out what was going to happen, what the climax was. This is a great movie for a film festival-Great idea.
You're on my fav's. Congrats and GL. 10/10


i loved it im voting 5 keep up the awesome work :)