Reviews for "The Paper Prince"


To original and lame not my type of cartoons but nice work tho nice and long lol

Paper Covers Rock!

Well done! I would have to say my favorite part would of had to be the rockman struggling for life under the paper.

Really deep!

Preaty sad show :) But really true. It's just about some nerd guy, someone borring with borring life, but u showed his real life, why he is like that, what he's feeling and it's totally diferent picture of him. I love the part when he's dreaming and paper defeat the rock xD DGAAAAH!!


that was pretty gud! ^_^


Wow, that was very good. I think it needs to be polished just a little more. The dream sequence needs a little more polishing, though. I had to watch it twice to understand it. Fixing it would help a lot. Also, the scene after he sends the story, there's a gap and I don't know what happens. Maybe you could elaborate some on what he does or where he goes, cuz I feel like he goes somwhere. And you should definitely make a second part where he tries to sell his origami but can't, or something like that. Kudos on the flash and I hope you do extremely good in the comp and win.