Reviews for "The Paper Prince"


The ending was very sudden and it didn't seem entirely clear that he was going to pursue his dream rather than he was throwing a fit.
The dream sequence was a little too sketchy to make out.
Everything else was great.


Your movie had a very good storyline and animation, the way you draw things just got my attention. The title is not exactly very "apropriate", because the only part I saw him as "The Paper Prince" was during his dream.

Is also very good because you want to know what happens next, like when he got the photo and I read what was written I was quite shocked. I really would like to know what happens next. So the best idea is put this on the contest and work on a part 2 for next contest.

I hope my revview was useful and helped you a bit.

Cheers Lino Crelier.

not bad

those people in the office can read quickly tho
other than that pretty good

Nice work

you should make another one to show what happens to him after he leaves work.good flash work too.