Reviews for "The Paper Prince"

the animation was pretty good

but i didnt really like the actual video

ernest-aka-gooey responds:

Well it's good to hear m' technical skill or whatever is good


that was really good and well thought out i would like to see more from you. Also good luck with the film festival

ernest-aka-gooey responds:

Hehe sweet. Thanks
Well if you want to see more I have submitted two other flashes here... though.. this is quite a bit better than them

Well done

I like that the story is driven without any dialogue and constant humor. The only parts taht annoyed me were the audio. The "voices" were a lot like the sims and sounded almost too comedic, even though it was supposed to be a comedy. The laughter was too soon and didn't sound like it would in an office, more like you got it out of some audio samples.

ernest-aka-gooey responds:

Ahh ya the laughing... really I just got what I could find from the internet. I couldn't think of another way to get a decent recording of a bunch of people laughing.
As to the voices.. well idunno. It was just my instinct to go with voices like that.
Glad you liked it though

reminds me of Mepper from muppets.

Very funny. I love the part when he threw the picture at the computer.

ernest-aka-gooey responds:

Heh you like my voice? Aha sometimes it took quite a few takes to get something I liked...
Awesome that you liked the very last thing too. Like, the last impression was a good one, which is good

I liked it

I like this. It's different, is focused more on the story than the comedy aspect, and it kept me intrigued. I felt that the animation style suited it and overall I enjoyed watching it.

One of two suggestions I have is maybe add an extra second or so to the part where you are supposed to read the postcard. I think it would make a different. My other one is maybe add something fun for the credits, though you don't really need it, it'd just be an extra thing.

Overall, good job and good luck in your festival!

ernest-aka-gooey responds:

Ooooh ok. Went away too fast? That would be REAL easy to fix too so I'll do that.

Ah the credits... ya. I'm thinking if I can muster up the courage and effort I'll add a small epilogue