Reviews for "Pokemon Master ep10"


I am so glad you did this, altho im REALLY glad my caterpies and such DONT ferget their moves, but srsly, I wish we could re-use pokeballs... I mean, in the series (i watched diamond and pearl 2 days ago... the Other trainer released two starlys but kept the balls, that would be AMAZING... After im dont with the game I always have a hard time getting more balls because I dont NEED to fight pl anymore.
in any case it was great! Thank you!


that was great those people are low because they have realised how crap their lives are as they cant take a joke I mean come on every joke is pretty much a lie or cruel, like blond jokes as blondes aren't really all stupid. a good idea would be to make the metapod battle last for 10 mins and give a secret medel( ive spelt that wrong i know i just can remember how to spell it damn alzheimer's ^C^) if the veiwers sit through it (I think you can do that) also another good battle would be you against that one pokemon that comes from nowhere when you have that ninja bug pokemon and you evolve it with a space in your party and you get one ninja fly and one bug immune to everything but 5 elements. for those of you who cant take a joke go here and learn http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGBcY2 IoFSg and then write a review or vote.

I wasn't impressed...

The humor was, for lack of a better definition, that of a 6th grader. I'm sorry, but the attempts at making the viewer laugh were for naught.

And the Metapod battle could have been done much better. There was potential, but you missed the train by an hour with it.


Well, there must be a lot of 6th graders on NG then or it would not have got Daily 5th. Also, it would be helpful if instead of simply stating what you did not like, if you would tell me what I can actually do to improve it. Otherwise your review is completely useless.


I've read the other reviews for this animation, and it seems like you say "Because that's part of the joke!" to everyone that points out something that was simply stupid.

Now, I gave this a chance, so I watched the previous episodes. I gotta say, you are VERY inconsistent throughout this.

Let's take a look at your Metapod 'joke'. When your Pikachu died early on, he became a Ghastly but still kept Taunt. Understandable I suppose, but then you randomly make a Caterpie forget it's moves for the sake of having a Harden battle. If you wanted to do that, maybe you should've just had the trainer catch a wild Metapod instead of a Caterpie, so having only Harden would make at least a little sense. The second flaw with the joke that makes it unfunny is that you HAVE another Pokemon, and anybody with half a brain would switch out the Metapod with something that can actually attack, or in the event that their others are KO'ed, would run away to save some damn time.

Also, judging from your voice, I have to doubt that you're old enough to know that cock jokes are unfunny 99% of the time. Placing a few Pokemon sprites side by side (that are obviously Pokemon and not a cock at all) isn't even remotely humorous.

Next is the appearance of Epic Fail Guy. Seriously, just because it's from 4chan doesn't mean it's hilarious when applied to anything. Most of the memes you're using in this series are either old and dead, or just not funny to begin with.

I don't have a comment on the Scyther joke besides the fact that it's pretty damn stupid that you've made every Pokemon in this series catchable with the basic Pokeball at full HP.

Now, you want to know what the worst part of this whole thing is? It's easy to make me laugh. I find even the dumbest things funny at times. This flash, however, didn't faze me at all.

So with all of that said, with the vain attepts at humor and the still terrible voicing, I give you a 2.

Easily the worst episode of the series.


People need to realize that a parody, is not going to be identical to the game. What would be the point? The point is the change it in funny ways.

ie. Metapod doesn't really forget his moves

Do you really think I don't know that? That's why this is a parody, a joke. You're just wasting my time, and your own time with this review.

What happened to satire?

People come on here and expect genius works of art. It's NEWGROUNDS people. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSELIAS. Sheesh. These are not high budget action movies. They are flash movies created by users wishing to spread joy.

Seriously, this is clever. Metapod battles are epic. It took a whole freaking episode in the show. It deserves credit. And the EFG joke wasn't all that bad. Really, two shots? Not good enough Caterpie.

Damn teleporting Abras. >.>"