Reviews for "Pokemon Master ep10"


the metapod scene reminds me of the episode Challenge of the Samurai! Great episode!

this is freaking awsome

this is stinking AWSOME dude i like all of them in the series! iand i LOVE pokemon!

Funny stuff.

This was a very silly episode with the trainer passing by and still getting stopped by the other trainer and then him being revealed to be an "epic fail guy" was funny as hell,as for the "Who's that Pokemon?" scenes i got a big laugh from that with the Diglett,Kakuna & 2 Voltorbs looking like a cock,overall this was the longest episode yet and a very entertaining one at that so keep up the great work.

A great episode

This is one of the best episodes in the series so far. Why?
Graphics and animation improved and the Metapod scene made me laugh due to the fact it reminded me of the Magikarp battles. Another highlight was the mystery Pokemon scenes.
Nice choice of music and nice job on getting another voice actor for the epic fail guy.
The scenes and episodes could have been better transitioned between each other: I disliked how Team Rocket had no relation in this episode and how the mystery scenes appeared out of nowhere, although funny. I also didn't like how these are not consistent: like one episode had a menu while other could be controlled by spacebar, but not all of these had the same feature, which would be a plus.

Whos that POKEMON??