Reviews for "Pokemon Master ep10"

i remember that ish

you could fuck around and do the metapod battle all day if you wanted to... those were the golden days of pokemon


I don't entirely know what people see in this... Its not that clever, the main joke (the metapod battle) is hardly funny, and the actual quality of the video (mainly the voices) sucked. The good things I pulled out of this was the training sequence (which was neat) and...well thats about it. I loved pokemon, and love their spoofs, but beat in jokes just won't cut it for me.


I'm getting a lot of criticism about my voice, but I'm not really sure what you expect me to do. I can't change my voice, so can't you just deal with it?


its the funniest thing i seen im still learning how to make one not going well but this is LMAS


that was good ... =P i used to have that game on my gameboy never found out how to beat it all the way so i said screw it and also ot level up a medipod use your medipod then throw out another pokemon of yours and kill the enemy then your medipod would get half the exp XP


That was pretty damn funny..

But the one thing i'd say is that the audio goes up and down a lot, one minuite it's loud. the next it's quiet, but all round a good ol' spoof.

D'you know what i think you should do? make an 'elite four' special episode ;)