Reviews for "Pokemon Master ep10"

Nice. I watched this series a few years ago. It's saddens me that you stopped making these but you probably moved on by now. These videos entertain me quite a lot. I rate 5 because it got a good laugh out of me and it will probably will to others too.

I really loved the metapod battle. You have a sense of humor that really works with your memories of the game.

Unlike some of the commenters, I think the fact that you occasionally (and I believe purposely) deviate from the strict rules of the game makes the videos more interesting.


Pokemon Ruby Was Epic Fail Guy's Costume

Pokemon emerald is a strong no.1 on my fave Gen list
no.2 IS X and Y No.3 is Black version 2

metapod doesn't forget attacks when he evolves but if you catch it was a wild pokemon yes it's only attack is harden