Reviews for "Pokemon Master ep10"

Good humor, voice acting needs work

The humor is definitely there and you should definitely continue with this series.

However, I found the voice acting to be a little weak in its audio quality and the enthusiasm wasn't really there, it felt as if you were just mumbling into the microphone.

With work, this could be a lot stronger.


Best out of the lot so far keep upthe good work

Well done!

enough said

Very nice

I saw a lot of improvment. in my opinion the voice acting quality was much better ind liked the fact you made longer. Hopefully you continue this series

Nice reminder

it has been years since i played Red and the metapod battle brings back old memories. mine was forced because i forgot to heal my main guy in viridian forest and he passed out five steps to the exit. all i had left was a lvl 3 rattata. my run through of the elite 4 took less time then that freaking battle.