Reviews for "Pokemon Master ep10"

:P nice

lmao this gave me a good laugh :P
gonna check out other parts later. continue making

Ok, I enjoyed it.

It reminded me of how I use to think when I played it.

Better than the Pokemon sprites that I make!

A lot better than the Pokemon sprites I make, that's for sure!

Voice acting could use some work though, and the jokes were a little lack-luster, but at least you managed to keep it clean.

I've been trying to flesh out my own voice acting recently (by not doing anything of course), so if you ever want a new voice in your series, I could be of service.

Anyways, the movie was good, camera movement kept it focused, animation was clean, and it looked pretty damn good (graphics wise).
You have a real talent for sprite movies, especially for Pokemon sprites mainly because they require organization and precision in order to get it right.
Just work on the voice-acting (I'm available! Don't be embarrassed to ask!) and your jokes and this could become something really great!

8/10 Stars
5/5 Picos


loved all of your pokemon master episodes, great to see you made it longer this time

Oh yeahh