Reviews for "Pokemon Master ep10"


little short but hella funny :D


wow dude if you think it suck don't wach it cuse you stuped votes can ruin his flashes,by the way pokemaster i realy likethose videos cuse i just hate some things on pokemon like you can run on batles or those things that you make on those vid keep doing them

Ew I want to beat up Ash now...

These are okay, but I don't see why you would want the classic Ash to sound like a total douche/geek. Everything else was fine but 4 points off for voice alone.

Wow, ten episodes really?

This episode was the best one by far, even with the Metapod fight scene, I really enjoyed the montage, that was brilliant, though I liekd the "Who's this Pokemon?" bits, first time I said Pokecock and second time I said shit,, guess I was right second time round.

But Mt. Moon...

Where is the Mt. Moon? At least give it SOME agnoledgment (Fine, there's one word I can't spell)...