Reviews for "Pokemon Master ep10"

who's that pokemon?

its useless!

Horribly Pathetic

I came here from a link from a friend, and read the reviews, and hoped for a decent video. I was wrong. This video was a waste of my time, and I demand a refund. Oh wait, I'm not gonna get one back unless I can persuade Death to add on a few extra minutes on my life.

Seriously, it's badly made. The prepubescent voices are the start of the annoyance, and the inconsistency of the musical volume is another. Must I even begin on the cock jokes and that deal involving Metapod?

First of all, the prepubescent voices hurt my ears. Hell, it would sound better if you use a voiceover. It may sound artificial, but at least not as annoying.

Next off, in whatever video workshop you may have used, there should be a little audio control thing, so you can adjust the volume. Do that, so I don't get my ears blared out right when you begin to train Caterpie.

Overall, low-quality, quickly made, and horribly boring. My regular, look of boredom was only made wosrse thanks to this video, and the pathetic attempt at a joke was even worse.

Since I'm feeling like a nice guy, and today's Mother's Day, I'll be generous and give you a 2.


Did you sign up just to write that? Nice guy, my ass.


i liked it was funny and well done, when i got to the metapod fight scene i thought i could just wait for it to end, so i sat threr for like 10 mins, till i saw the skip otion, lol.




All of your flashs have been awesome. Now even more b/c of the longer length. Keep them coming


You should have been able to find sprites of the player in the grass versus just running overtop of it.

Also, Metapod doesn't forget tackle, so that's a bit flawed.


Metapod forgetting tackle is the entire point of the joke. I mean, I don't think Epic Fail Guy is in Pokemon either, it's not a flaw, it's the point of the flash