Reviews for "Barbarian Bob [Remake]"

Won't load

sod all these other glitches i need it to load.

i'll give it a 7 cuz it looks good but it just won't load.

i have all the latest shizz, so i don't know what is wrong

Skribble-Style responds:

Yeah sorry about that man, it's a REALLY big file with a lot of sprites and intensive backgrounds, so the preloader will also need a while to load up. If you can hold out for a few minutes it should load up.

saveing nd bowling

can u please add an auto save
and i dont know how 2 use the bow because the lil note was out of the screen

Skribble-Style responds:

Im'a workin on it!

Guess ure working on it

lots of bugs, i had the same problem as shortson in whch i fell of the cliff and couldn't continue


i dotn know abou others but this bored me alot.the music is really bad,change it

Skribble-Style responds:

The music isn't bad, you just don't like it, there's a difference ;)

Very good. Another glitch though.

10xbetter than the first. I was up to the 3rd man with a rectangle mace and I died. I clicked: bah it's just a flesh wound!: to continue and when i spawned back I was dead-as if i had fallen off a cliff or something, i hadnt even moved. And after that i clicked continue again. this time is was alive, but stuck in the middle of the map. So i quit. ;( Wonderful in every other way though!^^

Skribble-Style responds:

Yeah I'm really sorry about that glitch, I've been trying to find out what is causing it, but havent had any success yet. Hopefully I'll figure it out soon! Glad you had some fun though!