Reviews for "Barbarian Bob [Remake]"


I like the game though :)

Overall Nice Game

This game was really amusing and i enjoyed playing it.
The graphics you used in this game were most of the time great.
The comic look of the figures was a funny idea and I think a good one because you don't see such simple and at the same time cute graphics in much games.
At the same time the scenery lokked professional especially the forest at the beginning.
The tree which you've got to climb up and the stones in the castle didn't look that great as the rest of the world but the graphics were overall good.
The sound and the music in this game was great.
First of all the song of Barbarian Bob in the menu was just great and the music in the levels was fitting.
The gameplay was okay but it had some faults.
Barbarian Bob was moving much to slow for my means but the game was overall slow.
But what really annoyed me was the impossibility of blocking some attacks or getting out of some attacks.
For example I had to get hit three times of two soldiers which I was fighting bevor I could get out of their attacks.Of course the shield was a way to avoid this but if you've already used it you will get hit in most of the cases.
The two Bossfights were in my opinion to easy.The first one was okay at this point of the game but the last fight was exactly the same,the only different was the number of hits the boss had to take before he went down.
A big Pluspoint for you game were the cheats and secrets.
It was a great idea and i appreceate the extra work you put into them.
On the other hand I found one very annoying bug.
I was fighting the boss for the second time while i tried to get the INVINCIBOB medal and died once so I started a new try.
But the sound of the rain was always starting in all the levels.But the most depressing thing was that I had defeated the boss without dying but because of this bug there was no ending.
Overall this game was great even though it had some negative points.
8 of 10 and I voted 5/5

Skribble-Style responds:

Wow man, thanks for the great comment! Very in depth and very much appreciated.

I've fixed that rain bug and the boss bug for real now; I'm pretty positive anyway. I also made Bob move a little faster and I'm working on an idea to allow you to get out of those situations where you have 2-3 guys around you and are stuck, as well as adjusting the timing and rate of their attacks, so hopefully it will be a little easier and smooth to play. I should have the new version with some of the improvements in place in a few hours.

Thanks again for the review!

where to start...

I like the idea of strategic battle system of block and hit and I get that your trying to do that here, but a lot of the time I cant hit the enemy, even if I'm right next to the enemy. some enemies even froze, I cant get the achievements i earned, there are times I'm forced to restart because I couldn't continue.
the game is just aggravating overall. the music was fitting, and the background was done well, but other than that, it wasn't very good.


Really, really addictive and fun. probably one of the best games I've played in awhile. Similar to AH except easier. (thats a good thing) Also I gotta give you a 10 for effort, due to the fact that (unlike lots of other game makers) if people mention how you could improve it, you are actually willing to go and change the game to every little detail, just to make it better. I'm gonna fav this.

Skribble-Style responds:

Aw thanks man. It's been a hell of a learning experience for me, and having all this different input is a great way to balance the game. I do apologize to people for the massive bugs, but I'm no pro or anything, I'm just doing the best I can.

good game...

But the final boss still won`t spawn after i die in the battle.