Reviews for "Barbarian Bob [Remake]"


I remember a while back playing the original "Barbarian Bob" and thinking how hard it was. The difficulty is still the same as before, but I am glad there are difficulty choices now. The animations and actions are all still there and the newly included achievement system adds to this great story. I prefer the first one however, simply because it had more of an epic feel to it. This is a nice addition though! I hope to see more!

Skribble-Style responds:

Fair call, dude.

Glad you enjoyed the game anywho, and cheers for the comment!

Are you kidding me?

I've now beaten the game 3 times without dying.. except a glitch occurs at the end whenever I beat it without dying where the rain stops.. for 2 seconds.. then starts right back up and the lightning continues and that's where it stays.. for a long time..

Other than that though I really have no complaints. It was a fun and decent game that just takes a little getting used to. At least it's better than FUi2 and the medals are easier than Portal Defenders. Also, for the got all medals achievement: Do I have to get all the medals while keeping the same game open (don't close the window) or will it register once I have all the medals but that? Because I noticed when I close the window all the IN GAME achievements reset. Let me know.

But ya, good game, could fix it up a little but really I have nothing to complain about. Graphics were good, backgrounds cool, bosses fun (the first few times you beat them) and it had a nice setup to it. I liked the progression of levels and the 3 different types of enemies. It made well for a simple hit and block scroller. Keep it up man, just work on the glitches before releasing it.

Skribble-Style responds:

Glad you enjoyed the game, sir! Really sorry about the glitches, but unfortunately Flash can give different results to different people, depending on a lot of different variables. I bug tested pretty vigorously, but I guess it goes to show that even when you think you've gotten all the bugs, there are probably a lot more because people have unique ways of playing games and achieving certain conditions.

The game SHOULD check the NG medal server and update the medals in game to show what you've gotten so far, but I will add this to the list of things to check.

Much appreciated review!

Very nice game :)

I love this game and the grafic
I hope you make more games like this =)

Skribble-Style responds:

Thanks dude. I don't think we'll be making another side scroller for a while, but Brandon and I do have a little game idea in the works.

Pretty fun.

Although the controls were really poor, graphics were a lil off, but the muzic was slam'en!


A decent concept, but executed extremely poorly. What's good about this game? The forest background looked kinda nice I guess.

The combat is horrible. The stun time and recoil aren't seamless. Enemies often trap you in unbreakable loops of fast swipes The same three enemies the whole game is repetitive and boring.

The game is full of glitches. If you die on the last boss and quit to the title screen it starts fucking up and spawning the boss in the first level. If you beat the game and unlock the cheat menu then you can't receive any more medals. I went for the 50 kills medal and after 20 minutes of repetitive hack and slash I didn't get anything. It's impossible to get the "you got all of the medals" medal because of this. Even if this was fixed, getting all of those medals in a single session would be a big fuck you to everyone who did it before. The rewards are unbalanced. Money is useless. There's literally no reason for you to collect money except for the pass $20,000 medal.

Your extra character can't knock down the bridge so he's useless for a play through and you can't use him for medals because he doesn't appear until after you receive the cheat menu glitch. The same looping music was annoying. The secret areas weren't really special or signaling at all, just seemingly random areas that you jump up to. There's nothing explaining the medals. Is one life a single life or when you get to the continue screen? Can you use cheats? Can you use the other character?

If you fix up the bugs and add a preloader then this could be a pretty mediocre game, even though it still wouldn't be fun. Good luck.

Skribble-Style responds:

Sorry you didn't enjoy the game, dude. Cheers for the bug list though, was very helpful!

Also, I just checked to see if you can get medals after you've unlocked the cheats and you can. Just start a game like normal and don't use the cheats, it will still count.