Reviews for "Barbarian Bob [Remake]"

Cute and simple

Great game here it has a simple look to it but it is cute that way, did i mention its also cute hehe, the character and the fighting mechanics is fun and good play, now the "CONTROLLS" could use work, you should have the arrow keys as moving around and the a,s,d keys as the atticking and shield keys, seems to be more understanding that way. just most games have it that way, anyways the game is fun good movement and even some nice backround music that fit the game very well, so fun game cute graphics, and simple, i had a fun time with the game only issue this player had was with the controlls, other then that it was pretty fun.

Fun game but you could rework the controls as suggested above


Classic Newgrounds Game.

this sucks. do somthin, rite skribble style!!!!!!!!

Super Laggy, Long Text with no Skip Button, when Bob Dies, he takes Ages to Respawn but Overall only a Good Game.

ilove the way he stays calmall the time