Reviews for "Barbarian Bob [Remake]"

Not bad...

6/10 Why ?

-Nothing to heal anywhere in the entire game...

-When we attack/defend, it's never as good as when the enemies attack... Never !

AND a huge bug at the End of the game :
-If we lose our last live to the boss, we will reappaear in the Stage... ok... but the Boss will continue to fall on the ground, damaging us, WHILE we climb the tower again !


i don't see any problems!


It's a great game. But I did find a glitch. If you die in the third area (second castle zone) from jumping off the side by accident, even if you choose to continue, it has you respawned under the castle, giving another game over. Besides that, great game. Hard to hit them sometimes, though.


what a shame, there was no preloader, and it loaded for ever on a gray screen, i couldn't play the game, but as it looked fun i gave you top marks, I'm feeling generous today!