Reviews for "Break."


the music is really cool and the whole thing oozes style. it was really well pulled off. the cut up texty effect thing was really good but I think you used it a little too much, I ended up thinking how you would pull that off in flash rather than following the animation (since you had like 5 or 6 shots with the cool text thing). and of course the message is lovely xD
i love the weird style and how stuff seemed to fuck up (like when hes jumping on the computer). the colors and really cool too.
and I agree with the idea of doing all the steps yourself, it certainly does give a different feeling knowing that every little bit is absolutely YOURS.
dunno man i loved it! more moro!

Thank you...

I think I will. :D

well that su**s

Sorry but that was really boring, the animation looks wierd (it's okay tho), but the music get's annoying (and I sometimes see a glitch happen when the "bunny" was jumping on the computer). I don't like it...

MorrowDays responds:

omg it was glitching???


that was the most mest up thing ive ever seen

not great

i like the message, and the music is cute. however the animation was pretty shoddy to be fair, and i don't think this is front page material.

i can see why it was given the front page, and it's a nice gesture. :)