Reviews for "Break."

It was cute.

I won't lie and say it was absolutely awe-inspiring, but it ~was~ very cute. And I'll be damned if that bunny didn't throw one expensive temper tantrum. o.O

I wasn't a huge fan of the visuals, but I didn't hate them, either. They just aren't my thing. Honestly, this was my main detraction, and it's mostly because the bunny...well...doesn't much look like a bunny except in an abstract sense, and I'm generally not a fan of abstract art in Flash animations. >_<

The music was decent. Midi's become something of a lost art, these days, so it's nice to hear once in a while.

The plot? Well... There's really not much, plot-wise, is there? And that's fine. It was just a little something to have fun and relax with, and something like that really doesn't require that you spend days or weeks story-boarding. You've got the freedom of being able to just wing it on the fly if you so choose.

To those people who might decide to post outright flames with regard to this, or any other, short? That's uncalled for. If you can't provide constructive(key word, that; constructive) criticism, then just vote and keep silent. Display a little tact, if you're going to review. There's another key word for you, by the by. Tact.

Not for me.

Was creative but I didn't love it so much. Or at all.

MorrowDays responds:


I am unfamiliar with your earlier work...

SO I don't know if this is a first project or not, it was entertaining, but being sloppy on purpose doesn't have the cheekiness of a person first starting off and not caring about the abuse. It told its story and was interesting to watch it was just not that impressive as far as story. I did like the computericide though classic

One of the worst I've ever seen

Makes It's a Tank? Look like a masterpiece. Hell it makes Wal Mart Sibling look presentable! It's about as appealing as Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde for NES! ..Ok no nothing's that bad but still this shouldn't be on the front page. The animation was repulsive, the colours induced migraines, the Atari 2600 music was not pleasing one bit, let alone 8. (see that pun there? probably not) and most of the video was writing in bubble letters, and even that was done in a way more terrible than nessesary, It was all so glitchy looking I thought my monitor was broken! It's as if you were trying to displease me as much as you could in one video and you succeeded in a completely sickening way! AND I DON'T LIKE IT.

MorrowDays responds:

you probably think you're really clever and smart.

Mmmm creative

not my sort of lash but very creative nice work