Reviews for "Break."


Seriously, like, are you guys on crack? 0 all the way and I don't care if you think its harsh, if you can't make something good don't make anything at all. End of.

Simple and Great

A great little message for all those who work to hard. I'll always think of this when i overwork myself and need a little break. Go outside? But there's BEARS outside!

MorrowDays responds:

woah dude where do you live, in a FOREST? ;D


very interesting style, could use some fine tuning but it's definately worth a 10. cool stuff


Although the style and music was really slick, I just found it dissapointing on plot. Not really sure what I was expecting with this movie-what COULD I expect?-but I DID anticipate something a bit more clever than an angry bunny who we only see do "work" twice (counting the checklist and the computer, which he/she just busted up to fuck anyways). I was expecting this little guy to go cucking frazy, not just pildly missed-off. The ending just seems, I guess, a little unfinished. So the bunny gets some advice. Well, where the hell is the advice comming from? Moreover, did he/she follow it?

Overall, this flash is too weak to get into and too open-ended to comprehend. The cool animation and minimalist chiptune soundtrack makes it work, though.

MorrowDays responds:


with a lot of my stuff, people complain that there is no plot whatsoever, because mainly I do what I do for the visual aspects. Recently I've been trying to incorporate a more distinct theme/story, even just something simple.

nintendo video game

This animation is not worthy to be on front page. It can hardly be called animation. The movie was too short, the audio was too simple and short, no dialog or interactivity.