Reviews for "Break."


What DA FUCK is GOIN ON???

someone tell me :(


Aww, that was a nice little animation. It's always fun to take a break form hard work to do something you really enjoy.
Even if it's short, it served it's purpose to you, and that's all that matters.
I really liked the colors and the way that little dude walked. XD

I totally understand.

I work alone too, and it's really a great feeling to have this piece of art that was made completely by you. I like your style, and the music fit nicely. The only thing that kept my score from being higher was the short length of the movie....but it's understandable when you have so much other stuff going on! Good luck on your future projects!


It is original,
But in my opinion it needs to be longer, and the story could of been a bit better.
Im sure people will disagree with me though!