Reviews for "Break."


I thought it was cute. I liked the message, I can relate. I loved the animation as well, the simplicity complimented the flash very well.

i'll be completely honest

i do like the concept...but thats a freaky lookin bunneh....try practicing a bit more. i dont mean this is crap.....but....the animation is kind of awkward. love the music tho :D


simple, and to the point. I'm in college too, and I think I will go outside now :)

thx man

i'm really stressed out about all the shit i need to do at college, that made me feel a little better.

kewl but....

it is great that you are portraying an idea we can all relate to. i am really happy with your design and ideas. i really like the pastel style and pale colours. perhaps a reflection of the dulness of work LOL.
But i say, it surely could have been made more entertaining by developing it more. i understand your concept and that you are happy with your result. i am only reviewing as an audience member. I do love this piece. it makes me happy and glad im not at school anymore :D. thanks alot.