Reviews for "Break."

only a good thing

te comvination the colors backgrond is good


This was the stupidest flash I've ever seen! Hey I have an idea for you, you should go outside get some fresh air and never come back in!

MorrowDays responds:

...oooh BURN

It was creative

i thought it was kinda of a cool idea but there wasnt enough explanation i think it would of been a good idea to show a bit more when it came to the 'break' part to show like whats outside and how the break is better then work would be. But you still had a creative idea of the situation and i loved your character!!

This Review just Accidentally Your Flash.

I can almost see some sort of 3-D shape within that pink chair-rabbit-hare-hair-stickfigure-ba nana being right over yonder there mosey!


EVERYONE STOP BEING A FATASS AND GO OUTSIDE. i loved it a little weird but awresome hope to see more from you soon