Reviews for "Break."

wow, awesome and artistic!

you can really animate man, this was awesome! really artistic!

In all seriousness

This is amazingly artistic. I envy your creativity :D haha

Must of been a Mac

I have seen better, but considering that there is SOME effort into animation....and I assume you are a 10 year old Indonesian orphan then WOW! Excellent video! enjoy your 4!


I quite enjoyed it actually. Very odd i'll admit but it was done well. To all the fools out there saying the drawing was crap, i completely disagree. Not everything is meant to be photo perfect. There where some problems with the lines on the screen on my pc. The fps where a bit messed up. Maybe that was my new screen though...


sorry it didnt work for me and plus a child could do better then that.

MorrowDays responds:

ahaha I am a child