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Reviews for "Artificial Junk"

Not bad

Still needs work but ok.

Not bad!

First of all I have to say, I just loved the fact that you started out as a head!
A shooting head, but just a head nontheless, which is cool!

I thought the idea was a good one too - instead of starting out as a cannon, airship or whatnot shooting something - you're just a head. Easy to upgrade from a head, ain't it? And that would be the point of the whole game - to upgrade yourself from a barely moving head into SO MUCH MORE! Having all this take place in a junkyard, just makes you think how wacky and inventive these upgrades could be.
Wacky they were at times, the pop-culture refrences were funny, and not overdone. On the other hand, you could have gone somewhat more overboard with different upgrades. All the upgrades seemed to consist of building up your robot, but other than adding defense - and the one time ability to move faster, the upgrades seem repetitive and somewhat useless.
Since basically, most defense games of different kinds, usually are based on how enjoyable the upgrades are - this game kinda missed the spot.

But the potential is there!
As I've said, starting out as a head is an excellent idea - makes it funny too.
And a junkyard is a perfect setting!
Try perhaps to go CRAZIER with the upgrades.
Instead of building a regular robot - really build him out of scraps and pieces as the junkyard setting directs.
Have one arm bigger than the other, weird kind of legs, which aren't the same length - made of pipes, crowbars and just plain junk!
And of course, give the upgrades MEANING!
Upgrading feet could possibly upgrade speed instead of only defense, adding arms could possibly add extra weaponry (weaponry which has some kind of actual RANGE) etc.
The player is supposed to really want to upgrade, and frankly - upgrades here felt kinda dull, which is a damn shame since the idea was EXCELLENT!

I liked the music by the way, very fitting.

Basically what I'm is with a wackier set of upgrades and allaround style, adding meaning to every upgrade (more than just defense)..this game would go from a GREAT IDEA with potential to simply a great game.
Hope to see more from you in the future, and keep on making cool games!


The game is indeed slow to begin with(Slow game progress is what I mean). It'd be much much better if you'd put a increase attack speed upgrade because it get really tough when you reach a certain level and it might be a good idea to put up some items to buy rather than upgrade all the way such as Bomb to detonate the whole screen when your in a pinch or some healing/repair might work as well.

oh, I'd love to see a rocket booster included on upgrades which works as "hover/jump" to avoid enemies for a short duration of time and reposition your self.

Good game, but impossible to get to the secret

First, I don't think the game starts to slow, you just have to redo two levels or so, that's not a problem for me.
Second, it's impossible to get all trophies to get to the secret, cause you need all trophies, including the get all stars trophy. That on is impossible cause of some bugs in the game. The first bug that makes this impossible is to get a star in lvl12(Don;t know if this bugs appears in other levels) Cause about halfway through the level the left man on a rope shoots straight at you, no maatter were he aimed. This shot is unavoidable for me( I tried it about five times, same occured everytime) and so I'm unable to get a star at that level. The second bug that could make it impossible is the well-known boss bug.
This issue could be solved by making that you only need 9 or 8 trophies to get to the secret. This is very annoying, caus eI wnat that secret :(
For the rest it's a very good game, good music(although it could loop better, it ends in some levels), funny upgrades, and balancing was good enough for me, although it could be better.

fixes and new part

you should fix the moving and shooting problem...increase the fire rate and movement...you should also make a fighting area bit bigger...you should add a lot more upgrades...and shield...make it useful...I mean I can't use it...it's supposed to block attack...
Game is good but you should improve it a bit...
We're waiting for next part...Enjoy