Reviews for "Artificial Junk"

artificial junk?

REAL junk is more like it! 3/10 1/5

Like everyone else says, needs work still.

Awesome concept, crappy deliver.

The gameplay's too slow, it wasn't really keeping me interested. The money is a little cheap in the sense that you don't get enough. It's almost as if you need at least one upgrade to survive the next wave but you don't get enough money from the previous wave to even bother upgrading as it is.

Attack speed was too slow as well. One minute I'm killing one guy, the next minute I'm surrounded and with my crappy attack speed, I die almost instantaneously. I'm not saying make it easier but improve the gameplay methods so it keeps it more enjoyable than frustrating.

needs work still

Are you supossed to have to do the same wave over and over and over agian? the differance between wve 2 and 3 is rediculous, and so are the prices of the upgrades, 350 gold for a segment of an arm? are you crazy? and whats it going to do for me? and i to nub them to death with it?

Like i'm sure youve heard many times by now, it has potential, make the upgrades worth it, your in a junkyard use your imagination, why should you have to pay for upgrades? who are you buying them from? differant sets of upgrades should simply pop up when you advance a wave, on that note even if you do keep the money.. dont make us run around like idiots trying to pick it up!


I accidentally closed out and all my progress is gone, you sir, need to fix that. Even the trophies were gone. *shakes head and looks down*

Not bad

Still needs work but ok.