Reviews for "Artificial Junk"

if i could giv it a -10 i would...

no dont play this game

No feel

I got bored prettty easily...it seemed really repetitive after the 3rd level...shoot kill upgrade...

Almost great

Other then the glitch causing the Laser beams and arrow bombs to activate at the same time it was a pretty solid game. Level grinding got old after a while. Also I would have made the shield a working item. ~Press "D" to defend with shield against your own reflected eye lasers and the ninja knights blue pulse shots (reflecting the pulse shots would then hit the ninja knights killing them and providing a period of time before another ninja knight slides down the rope).~


you need atleast 2 forms of attacks and the attack recoverie rate is to slow

Almost perfect game

Find a way to replace mindless level grinding and this game is a gem. Great stuff.