Reviews for "Artificial Junk"

Nice game



I think it was a nice and funny little game.
This is nothing big, but always fun to play this kind of game.
The design was nice and i like the way that you upgrade. Only starting with a head and then later getting a whole body with sword.
I must admit the game was a little slow and only pressing left and right with A button was a little boring.
Bui overall this is a good game..
Good work


-Enemy is fast
-Not having fire power
-Takes too much time to get upgrades
In all thats about 0/10

Really, really boring.

It looks nice and there weren't any bugs I was aware of, but a 50% is still a failing grade.

It's just REALLY boring. You just bounce back and forth and shoot lasers... very bland.

too slow, too bland.

not really a whole lot to this game. Pressing left and right and shooting lasers out of your eyes. IDK if u can do more later on down the road but thats as far as i got. The lack of sound effects also made a big difference to me. Theres just alot to be improved upon in this game.