Reviews for "Artificial Junk"


What is the deal with the propane tank? Can't you blow that up, and use the cars against them?

very well done

the only thing i would add was an upgrade for range on the laser


the game is cool, I like the upgrades on it but the robot concept is so overplayed lol and wtf is with the clown face?? just weird..it could be a little harder but all and all the game was fun,addictive but very uncreative:)!!! keep at it


The secret is..... LOL

I finally got the secret, but first the review...


Game Concept - not too good. The controls are very limited. You only move left and right, giving the whole game a feeling of slowness and clumbsiness. The baddies on the rope shooting at you is a pretty lame idea because there should be no reason why you can't shoot them - or shoot the bombs for that matter. The gameplay is therefore very flat. Since the progression of difficult is relatively high, you have to replay the levels over and over to get the upgrades. Finally, the boss is really lame. If you are fully upgraded, it dies in 3 hits, while throwing out some pretty illogical attacks against you (downward arrows - wtf??). Overall this game is an example of an old fashion grind game. There are a few good rpg elements such as the upgrades, but the gameplay is quite flat and slowpaced.

Game Presentation - the music is very repetitive. The graphics were too bad, however. A problem are the bugs. For example, at the boss, if you die at a certain stage, the sequence gets screwed up (such as both the arrows and the lasers simultaneously) until you finally beat him (which resets the sequence).


There is a secret which appears when you have all the trophies, but getting it will be incredibly tedious for the average gamer. The normal game is pretty easy to beat (it takes time, but you can simply collect the money and grind). To beat all the levels without losing health... that takes some time. The key element to beating it without losing health is to familarize with the highly annoying on-the-rope shooters. The best way to dodge their shot is to go the 1/4 of the screen, then stay there for a while, then move to 3/4 of the screen, then stay there for a while, before moving back.


There hasn't been a discussion on this yet, and it's no surprise because I'd assume that very few has gotten there. Anyways, in the secret game, you play as one of the UFOs and you fly around collecting bombs.

To fly the UFO, you use your mouseclick. What's strange about this is that your UFO runs out of "fuel" in 3 seconds. It would seem like collecting the bombs in the air should give you more fuel, but they don't. After two mouse clicks, your UFO pretty much crashes down to the abyss. It seems like there's a severe bug here.

The secret game also has an online high score table.

Awesome game!

I love it! Very fun game play and cool customization! You should make a sequel with more parts and weapons! Maybe have a jumping upgrade that u have to buy! Overall its really good.