Reviews for "Artificial Junk"


not the best......


Got totally addicted, completed, and decided I shouldnt try to get the stars lol :-)


I almost ranked this lower until I realized the need to replay waves. Then I played it for about an hour and a half :)

A few suggestions, if you don't mind:

1) We spend most of our money upgrading defense, but earning all the stars requires defense points to be useless. Perhaps some of the later defense can be directed toward a shield of some sort?

2) Why is maxed attack in the 20s, and maxed defense in the 60s? Seems odd.

3) Speaking of all the stars... I think it's impossible. With two ninjas and a UFO dropping two types of bombs, do you expect anyone to realistically achieve that? I'm just bitter, really, since I'd love to know what the secret content is :)

4) Certain upgrades should be available only to certain levels, or to people who've beaten it through once. I was a little disappointed to max out upgrades at level 10, then have 5 levels left ot get hammered on.

All in all, well executed, well conceived, and a whole lot of fun! I have no intention of starting this version again from the beginning to earn all those trophies a second time, but I'd love to play an updated version down the line. Thanks!

This made the front page?

Dude old fashion rpg is over with bring us something new! I found if for those who would like this type of game tho. that the level of difficulty goes from eassy as pie straight to hardcore guy.

Good but slow

As has been said, the game is a bit slow paced. With the difficulty difference between levels so high I had to replay levels numerous times in order to upgrade enough. The upgrades themselves felt a bit lacking too in that you never get any new types of attack other than a close combat swing. Lastly, the final boss is a bit too weak actually.

Very nice overall, just needs a few tweaks in the game play speed.