Reviews for "Artificial Junk"


Yeah, This kind of games should be in the front page.
I really enjoyed it and the best is that even if you close the game you can still play it from where you left it. So I'm gonna play again tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and keep enjoying this wonderful game!

Thanks and Congratulations for making this great flash!

Great Game. Indeed.

A good game. Very addictive. It made me used 30 mins. of game time. Nice upgrades. :]


like the guy below me i had to make it to the end and i wasnt disappointed at all very awesome game LOTS OF POWER UP. one down thing and im not taken a point of for is that the shield is useless

Its good, worthy of the front page!

This is the kind of stuff Newgrounds should have on the front page! Very addictive, I found myself playing it all the way through until the end. A 10/10 and 5/5 for you my friend!

I like it....

It certainly starts off slow, as you wobble your head around and fire lasers at enemies, however, once you start to upgrade it gets very fun.

One thing I find so interesting is that the game is just shooting lasers and the occasional sword swing (should you choose to upgrade to it) and nothing ever REALLY changes. And yet, I found myself playing it all the way to the end, and enjoying it the whole time.

The upgrades for the most part are shallow, The treads/legs increase the movement speed, and there is a sword and shield, aside from that they are all simply for looks and stats. For example, a new head increases attack, some were very creative and nice to look at, but it is still the same laser each time.

It would be nice to see some upgrades that have an actual weapon effect, like a
longer range for the laser, maybe one that can shoot through more than one enemy, and on each new upgrade, a change of color or form to the laser, something quite simple, but makes a big difference to break up the monotony.

A change of scenery also doesn't hurt, but it was nice that you were consistently tossing in new enemy types to add some variety to the combat.
The addition of a last boss was a nice touch as well.

Overall it was a fun game, with nice graphics, fun gameplay and an upgrade system, adds up to an 8 out of 10.

Great work, and congrats on front page. I think this game has great potential for a sequel as well.