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Reviews for "Artificial Junk"

It was ok.

I wish you could move faster. The music in the game was awesome. I would like to know what it is called.


it was pretty glitchy tho

good, but buggy

I enjoyed this game, it gave me a good way to procrastinate for my German homework. There is one major problem, the boss glitches. If you die during the boss fight, he comes back with the same amount of health you left him at when you die. This is a major problem, however, because after the first round of bombs, he glitches and begins dropping bombs while the laser cage is still up. This makes for unavoidable bombs and certain death


Kind long, at times boring. The boss fight bugs pretty good if you hit it a couple times then get killed. Need some instruction on how to play that secret game, I can't figure out how it works.

Glitchy Boss Fight!!!

Sorry about the low score, but when you make a game which requires a fair bit of time but which has a glitchy ending, people will get pissed. The boss fight at the end worked fine the first time for me. He dropped bombs, then released his shield for a second, then sent out the lasers. However, I died and had to try again. Every time after that, he dropped bombs, then played the animation of letting down his shield and putting them back up but there wasn't actually a window where i could shoot him. Then he sent out the lasers but the bombs were still dropping! Every time! So I hate you for that ending. I played the game for aobut an hour before that.