Reviews for "If Trees Could Speak"

said before, said again!

I lovesome movie ^^ The song fits with the movie, and the way you draw, its fabulous :D
Never seen anything like this, but I love it! Sometimes on newgrounds these small seeds of gold pops up and thats why I'm still using this site!

Keep the good work on and have a good life!

Well done :)

I liked it. I don't have much to say except that I really liked it :)

better than that christian bale flash.

This was actually not bad at all i really liked the characters. Good job.


i really got to learn how to make flash

very good

liked everything, except the end of the song.

"trees would say very mean things" = worst line ever

felt sad about the puppies, but...different people have different perspectives. your grandfather was playing it safe, and his value of the puppies is nowhere near his value of you or any human being.