Reviews for "If Trees Could Speak"


i love it. and for all those bastards that say this is crap, you dont understand. this is more of an auto biography. this isnt his choosing. and also, if you have a child, you shoudlnt be showing him newgrounds anyway. lol. thats like showing him what pot is but not letting him touch it. eventually he'll get on here and figure it out, and most likely before hes old enough.

there seems to be alota contriversy ova this

thers alota ppl saying either they absolutely love it or hate it so im inbetween i respect how this is your life and also the act on the puppies is not accepted in this day and age but overall it is touching and self explanitory

thanx for the mini clip but try to examin the little tiney bits of what your content is and rate it accordingly overall good!! :P

This is not suitable

I will not rate your video until you change the rating. This is not suitable for everyone and contains strong language. Some people use these ratings to decide what they can show their children so please take them seriously.


What a fuckin ma fakka how can u trow a freakin sack of pupppppppppieeeees <3 in a freakin hole in the garden.. thats sick


a look into a life, very engaging and I loved it. cant say much more because Im speechless but u won me with this good work.