Reviews for "If Trees Could Speak"

A beautifully done, honest animation.

It wasn't chronological, and it didn't make sense all the time, but the honesty that radiated from this animation could never be denied, and that's what makes it truly beautiful. Simply being able to experience life is a wonder and you portray that perfectly. You've created something that truly shows that Newgrounds can be a vehicle for more than just comedy, but for also the truer things in life.

As for the whole "puppy controversy," don't get too worked up about what other people have to say about you or your grandfather. Western society has a strange effect that spoils the majority of people and prevents them from seeing things in a different perspective. These people are ignorant and certainly not worth your time.

Jinnaboy responds:

cheers dude

a scincere look at one's relationship to world...

Nothing cuts deeper into the heart than scincerity. and I think you just cut me in half. you jumped around, it wasn't cronological, but more of a train of thought. in the sumation of life, when I look back on everything, the most important thing is the relationships i've had. I saw in your animation, your relationships with family, friends, and nature. you plainly showed your own moral delemas, and failings, along with your moments of wonder. it moved me personally and powerfully. The song was well chosen. and as I look back on my own life its amazing the moments I remember... thanks for the submission. id give you an 11 if i could.


Sorry man butt the only good was the guitar
you better keep trying.
WTF? whit the puppies? you were nuts to allow it?


Really nice use of thoughts, tones, and music. it was a bit hard to follow, you jumped around an awful lot from years to years, but i think it adds to the autobiographical feel.
Very interesting and original. Nice work.


The Flashbulb is one of my favorite artists of all time. Great job!