Reviews for "If Trees Could Speak"


yea, but couldn't he've put the poor bastards outta there misery 1st?

wow yea that was rly gross :-P

Great mix

awesome way you put together the animation and song. I really liked the flash all around. Good job. I hope you see Jo again. She seems like a cute gal. and what nation were you originally in? Can I guess Malaysia? other than that I am guessing Thailand.

Was very good.

Rarely do you really get to see what people thought of or did when in the past, especially when it is over the internet. You did a great job.

would have given better but

dude, the whole "rice sack" being buried made me just hate it,
i know it's your life story but come on, do we need to know that?

that's sick and not in a good way

Was alright.

It was a little fast paced and some of it I didn't get to read because I was too busy looking at the illustrations. Nice music and illustrations. Sucks for the pups.