Reviews for "If Trees Could Speak"

poor puppies

great stuff man, seems like a teeter totter life

Very interesting

One of the most awe inspiring animations i have ever seen. Pretty sad about the puppies though. the animation was great too. the only gripe i have with it is that everything was placed so randomly i couldn't keep track of what i was watching at times. other than that i loved it.


I'm sorry, but the expression in this submission is amazing. You could actually feel what was being felt in those events. The music accommodated it very well.

I would also like to say Kudos on making the front page two days in a row, as well as consecutive awards. I would like to express my unhappiness that this scored lower than said other flash submission, but alas, such is the internet.

This will be going on my favorites, thank you.


I loved it, I wonder if those memories are just things that jumpped out at you, even if sometimes they didn't have a crazy impact on your life.

Also, the bit about the puppies, yeah it's sad and wrong but its apart of the time and culture, like you said. People who rate low on that fact alone aren't getting the point of why it was put in there. If anything, its one of the more stronger memories and defines in just that simple act.

Very well done again!

Rating:Standard (8/10)

Film Idea: bad
Animation: Awesome
backround music: bad
Audio: Awesome
Film type: life story
Comments: A a sad life story about a boy growing up with ups and downs
For the author: When it comes to animations it's good to express your self but I don't think you've ever heard the term "Spare me your life story!"