Reviews for "If Trees Could Speak"

Story of your life?

From watching this, I think that you are strong person because even though your cousin locked you up in a cage you shared with others what you experienced and instead of it making you feel lonely, depressed, sad or having hatred for that person it even helped you make up this movie which is a work of art.
And you accepted what your grandfather has done even though it hurt you inside because things were different in the past.
A masterpiece

One sick grandfather

Now I know why you are so sad.


He buried the puppies?Harsh.


Your life's story must be a bestseller XD


That was a piece of something you rarely ever find...and not just on NG. Very touching. I really liked the point of view you took here, somewhat disconnected from your past, but still very attached. Simply great how you took those few, at first sight meaningless, points in your life. And yet you made those moments look like they really defined your life, like they're the most important things that ever happened to you.And you really succeeded in making me believe that too.
It's simply beautiful...