Reviews for "Mecha Martyr"

At first I thought...

Man this game is pretty good. But then later I was like ZOMG Fucking 1337 Turtle Cats THIS GAME IS AWEZOME!!!

*high five*


I loved this game as I'm sure most people do. It got kinda boring around 16th level though and gets easy when you get all upgrades. Very great games. Kinda glitchy when you see the missles in the air that aren't moving. But that would also be due to a crappy computer trying to run AWESOME graphics. You have made it to my favorites list. And the first one at that.


Fun game. Cool upgrade system and challenging.

Had a problem with missles getting stuck on the screen. They would just sit in the air and do nothing. Wouldn't move or hurt me when i flew through them. Don't know if thats a reoccuring problem.

10 mins 52 sec with a touchpad!

Great Game!

And thanks for using my track too! Hope you liked it!

skideh responds:

Thanks for playing the game :) your track was very amazing and it helped add to the game a lot.
I couldn't believe no one had used it already.

Great game!

Amazing quality. The controls are simple, and not overly gory,... anyways, its one sweet game.