Reviews for "Mecha Martyr"


Got all the medals, all the upgrades and finished up in level 10, at first try, not so hard.

This could be alot better with boss fights, more ships, diferent backgrounds and some weird upgrades (like: you grab a flying black/white circle and then the screen goes in a white black filter or some stuff like that, i think u got it ;))


ummm...wtf? but never mind that...

on the 8th lvl all of a sudden I died, fact is I still had over half my life 5 sec before, and i wasn't showered with any massive attacks.

Still the gane was awesome and gave me some fun, awesome upgrades, enemies, music, you name it. Love it.


This could have been a lot easier. But this is still very fun. I was almost upgraded fully when I got killed instantly by three tanks and five gun trucks. Put a certain amount of lives or tries into this and it will be better. ;-=)

Something good 2 start off the new year...

could be better, could of been worse...but anyways, nice job. It could of had more but i'm satisfied with what was provided.

good but it got easier as it went on

it was good and I think you should make another game, but with a different concept, this one was boring